[MUD-Dev] ScryMUD is offically open to the public.

Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Mon Sep 27 23:12:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Thanks very much for the shirt!  I will wear it with pride :)

"Ilya, SCC, Game Commando" wrote:
> On Fri, 03 Sep 1999 23:22:45 -0700, Ben Greear wrote:
> ))After five long years of memory leaks, database corruption, and endless
> ))suggestions from beta players, ScryMUD is officially open to the public.
> My congratulations, friend Ben!  Natalia and I have watched your developments
> with interest, and I just wanted to make this brief congratulations public.
> I love what you've done! Really.  I'll have to drop by and say hello.
> And just to keep this from seeming all too syrupy: "apocalyp. . ." in its
> various forms only has one "o" and "persistent" has no "a".  Also, your
> ~greear website's left nav points to a page for ScryMUD that doesn't seem
> to exist.  Everything else I tried does work though!
> Oh ya, I almost forgot -- we want to give you a Game Commandos prize
> t-shirt (we may not have much money, but we DO have an extra dozen shirts!)
> If you are interested, drop me a line direct with mailing info, or I'll
> use the info off the resume on your site !( :-^)*    [Ilya, with parted
> hair and beard]
> ))Ben Greear (greear at cyberhighway.net)  http://scry.wanfear.com/~greear
> Cheers!
> Ilya
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>   Ilya, Game Commandos     http://www.gamecommandos.com
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