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Chris Turner christ at rd.bbc.co.uk
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On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Adam Wiggins wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Charles Hughes wrote:
> > Along the lines of going too far...I played on a Diku where the guards
> > did attempt to arrest you for wielding, but you had to follow the guard
> > in order to be arrested.  If you didn't follow the guard, he would attack
> > and kill you. Given the vagaries of the Internet, it wasn't long before
> > I died to netlag.  Might I suggest a friendlier type of guard that simply
> > knocks you unconscious (and drags you off to jail), or prevents you
> > from leaving his immediate vicinity?
> I'd go for something simple and foolproof, but not deadly to the wielder.
> eg:

[Example of Bubba getting his unsheathed weapons confiscated by guard]

> If the player tried to walk off after being challanged, just have the guard
> intercept them, as in: 'The guard puts out his arm and blocks your path.'

Nice, if a little artificial.  I'd be kinda annoyed if the game didn't give
me a chance not to lose the weapon or to dive past the guard.  But then I've
never really like Diku's super level 200 invicible guards.  I think it'd be
more fun to be able to evade capture and have to flee through the city
streets trying to find a safe haven (cos mobs shouldn't be able to
automatically find you).

Definitely don't want something fatal - unless provoked.  But then I'd
imagine some people would find having their path blocked and someone trying
to steal their weapon away from an act of aggression.

Maybe players could set (a'la wimpy) something that states how aggressive
they are so the game can respond accordingly to threatening acts.

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