[MUD-Dev] ADMIN: Explanation of DevMUD vs MUD-Dev and a minor note

J C Lawrence claw at varesearch.com
Mon Oct 4 21:22:32 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Writing as list owner:

  More than a few of you seem to have thought that I was about to
close MUD-Dev.  That is not what I wrote and it will not happen.
MUD-Dev has existed in one form or another since 1984.  It is not
going away any time soon.

  It is DevMUD that is closing, not MUD-Dev.

  DevMUD was a MUD server project spawned from traffic on MUD-Dev.
The matching mailing list is archived at Kanga.Nu.  The list hasn't
had a post since May of this year -- so I closed the list.

  One a separate topic: Alll the archives at Kanga.Nu have now been
regenned.  The indexer is running as I type and should finish in a
couple hours.  Until that time some searches may return incompleat

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