[MUD-Dev] Battle Systems

Richard Ross rross at rross.eurobell.co.uk
Mon Oct 4 22:52:36 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

> Philip Loguinov -- Draymoor wrote:
> Basicly, get rid of the auto attack function in a battle.
> If two players initiate combat, then don't do anything, nothing will
> They will dance arround each other and thats it.

This reminds me of the ancient Japanese samurai, whose duels would consist
of standing before each other, each waiting to react to the other's move.
Eventually one would either concede defeat and walk away (not a blow
exchanged), or one would strike (9 times out of 10 causing a critical or
mortal wound in the first attack).  If the fight continued (rare) it would
be a fluffy of blows and blocks until one samurai was left standing.

Of course, in mass combat a samurai was a killing machine, cutting a swathe
through the enemy.  None of the above applied, and usually only sheer weight
of numbers (or another samurai) would stop him.

That little historical tidbit was to demonstrate that Philip's system would
work great in duels (between players or intelligent monsters), but falls
down on mass combat.  Of course, not everyone likes mass-combat in

Richard Ross

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