[MUD-Dev] Battle Systems

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Tue Oct 5 00:29:53 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Richard Woolcock wrote:

Matthew MIhaly

> > I think your assessment of normal mud combat is right on. Automated combat
> > is a joke.
> I find that a rather narrow-minded view.  Automated combat is often
> very dull and boring - but that doesn't mean it is inherently any
> better or worse than non-automated combat.  Take the following two
> examples:

< some examples of repetitive automated and non-automated player vs. 
mobile combat snipped, demonstrating that a crap combat system is crap
whether automated or not, except that an automated one isn't subject to
lost connections and lag >

> A combat system is only as good as you make it.  If you want
> varied attacks, then you don't need a non-automated combat
> system to use them - allow player to replace their next (default)
> attack with another type of attack should they choose to do so.  
> Allow the player to create scripts for their default styles of 
> attack if you like.  Simply taking out the automation will not 
> make your combat better, it will just punish those with slow 
> connection speeds.

Well, personally, I don't really have a problem with automated combat
against mobiles, especially if it's the sort you detailed above that is
the equivalent of just exchanging blows with the mobile to see who runs
away or runs out of health first. That's the combat equivalent of "pong"
or something. That sort of system also isn't inherently fun for players.
They do it to get things (xp, gold, items, whatever).

My problem is with automated player vs. player combat, which I do think is
a joke. If you're not interested in making it require skill, then why
bother with it? If you just want it to be a role type of thing and enhance
player conflict, then just role play combat. I must say I can't recall
hearing anyone that's used a good PvP combat system (whether it is fast
and furious or slower and more strategic) and then sitting around pining
for a system where you type "kill <whoever>." A good PvP combat system
presents an absolutely excellent ladder of success for players to climb
up, and just putting the time in doesn't make you climb up the ladder,
unlike games where who wins seems to mainly depend on your xp and
equipment. It's also just plain fun, which is more than I can say for
automated combat systems that I've seen.

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