[MUD-Dev] Alternate Character Sets (Telnet Question)

Chimera chimera at SoftHome.net
Sat Oct 9 09:11:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999


I hope this question hasn't been asked a zillion times before, but I
couldn't find anything in the Mud-Dev list archive or on the net. I'd like
to know how to use the extended character sets for terminals, specifically
the line drawing character sets. One can get the escape codes for switching
to the line drawing set, but how does one actually use the characters?

For instance, I would like to draw a grid for a map editing function. I'm
hesitant to use the IBM ASCII codes because I'm not sure whether they will
work with other terminals? Incidentally, is it bad practice to use line
drawing codes?

Also, has anybody tried implementing enums in MudOS?

Thanks in advance,

Sue Ann Koay
chimera at softhome.net

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