[MUD-Dev] Pueblo

Par Winzell zell at alyx.com
Thu Oct 14 15:20:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Mik, all,

 > Does anyone have a version of Pueblo compiled on a recent compiler?
 > I have the 2.01 version from the Andromeda site, and it used to work
 > under Win95 until I had to upgrade a bunch of core .dlls and the 
 > TCP/IP stack.  I think it would probably work again if it got 
 > recompiled with a recent compiler, but I don't have the ability to
 > compile things for the WinXX platform.

Yes, I fetched the source from Andromedia and after a bit of coercion
it compiles with Visual C++ 6. The resulting binary does run under my
Windows 98 installation, unlike the downloadable 2.01, so chances are
it'll be similarly happy on yours.

Anyone who is interested in a binary, feel free to drop me a note and
I'll send it.

zell at alyx.com

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