[MUD-Dev] Library updates

J C Lawrence claw at varesearch.com
Thu Oct 14 20:46:49 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

I've done a little hacking:

  -- You can now select the category for a new reference or category
when submitting it.  The default is the category you were viewing,
but you can select any other category, encluding unapproved
categories.  Among other things, this allows you to populate
categories you've suggested which haven't been approved yet.

  -- All categories and references show who submitted them.
Christopher Allen <ChristopherA at skotos.net> has already been jumping
in and submitting things (eg under Top/GameDesign)

  -- Administrative authentication is much better.  There's still
some more to do.

  -- Those with admin priviledges can see all the unapproved items
on one page, and no longer have to wander the library looking for
unapproved items in each category.  (Okay, the initial
implementation was dumb)

  -- References submitted and approved within the last week get a
"new" flag.

  -- A bunch of new links under Top/Text.

User reviews and automatic email alerts are in the offing.  Next up
tho is for someone to start putting in the various interesting links
that come up on MUD-Dev.


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