[MUD-Dev] weather

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Mon Oct 18 20:59:28 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Greg Miller wrote:

> Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> > Each area in the game will have the following data associated with
> > weather:
> > 
> > Base Temperature (base_temp) (in degrees F)
> > Base Humidity (base_humid) (1-100)
> > Base Wind (base_wind) (1-infinite, though 100 is considered
> > hurricane-force winds)
> I take it from this that you use a room-based system and do not assign
> world coordinates to areas/rooms? Such an approach would eliminate the
> need to set this data manually in most cases, but would probably be a
> lot of work to add to an existing mud without a connecting "wilderness".

Yeah, room-based. I don't really like the idea of having areas attached to
a "wilderness" like rides at Disneyland. Clearl, it's not possible to
avoid that sort of feel in some situations (a dungeon with only one
entrance, for insatnce, can't really be further integrated into the
surrounding environment). Generally, I try to do things more "naturally",
and just blend "areas" into the surrounding environment. For instance, if
you wandered into the Aalen forest, you'd find multiple entrances into a
Tsol'aa village there. Actually, we don't really have a "wilderness" in
the sense you are using it. All the outdoor parts are considered areas
(the Mhojave desert, the Western and Northern Ithmia forests, the Vashnar
mountains, etc etc). Some of these wilderness areas might have other areas
within them (villages, dungeons, keeps, caves, whatever), but most also
are adventuring areas in and of themselves (or, if not, at least they have
some quests, or something to make them worth messing around in).

I think you'd kind of have to set the data manually anyway though, unless
you just defined the base weather statistics as being the same for each
environment type (so maybe all deserts would have the same weather, etc).
There are less than 100 areas in the game though, so setting it by hand
isn't a big deal, and it's just a one-time job.

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