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> [Matthew Mihaly:]
> > Hi. I want to have a position in Achaea that consists of overseeing the
> > chronicles of Achaean history, and ensuring that all the plots and
> > intrigues and broad storylines are recorded for the sake of posterity, and
> [snip!]
> Sounds like an interesting project. I know there are lots of responses to
> this already, that I haven't read yet, but hey, why should that stop me? :-)
> My immediate impression is that this is a lot like writing a book. Can
> you have the gods come up with overall "plotlines" and sections, and then
> perhaps have mortals fill in the details, subject to editing by the gods?

Well, the gods influence overall plotlines quite a bit, but it's also
largely up to the mortals. We Gods sometimes directly cause certain
plotlines to be influenced in certain ways, but many of the Gods are
(intentionally) factionalized. The Goddess of LIght and the God of
Darkness are strong enemies, for instance, and their plots (not
coordinated between each other) against each other (generally acted, by
necessity, through mortal agents, since gods can't directly harm each
other), are an example of how plots develop. In other words, the history
is already there happening. I'm just trying to organize the recording of
it. (history from before modern times (modern times beginning when Achaea
went online) is written by me).


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