[MUD-Dev] A simple plan for establishing a history.

Aaron silrathi at harbornet.com
Fri Nov 5 08:54:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Having read all that has been said on this topic thus far, and largely
agreeing with everyone involved, I hashed out this general plan, made up
in part on plans discussed for our mud some six months ago.:

Begin by writing the 'previous history' of the mud yourself.  This would
describe all that happened in the world before the players began to
participate.  I could the creation of the world, its mythology, the
migration of it's people, the founding of the major cities, etc.  I
think perhaps it would be best to leave things somewhat open ended so
that there is less trouble later should the need arise to add some major
event, or hero.

Then, each faction will be equipped with a board on which to write the
ongoing events of the group.  Another forum (perhaps web based?) will be
provided for individuals to add their own stories.  At regular intervals
these various stories will be compiled into a concise and objective
history by an immortal.

This history will then be made available as a book stored in the library
of each faction, and used for plot ideas for future quests and/or
areas.  If desired, you could allow faction leaders to create histories
of their own as well, allowing copies of that text to be distributed
outside the faction or not as you see fit.  Personally I envision the
faction libraries to be repositories for every book of this type
possible.  That may not work for you though.

Ideally maintained, the immortal author of the synthesis will monitor
the history boards frequently, and investigate the stories posted to
them to check for validity, as well as to gather opposing views.  This
not only provides for a more thorough treatment of it, but I should
think, also enhances the objectivity of the immortal involved.

So, those are the bones of it.  Perhaps not the easiest way to go, but
as a system it allows for much flexibility, as well as some balancing
forces between the competitiveness of a player written history, and the
disassociated nature of a history written solely by immortals.


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