[MUD-Dev] META: Successor to FAQ Maintainer

Lo Lo
Fri Nov 5 11:57:16 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Hi guys,

Wanted: One enthusiastic young thing to continue maintaining the FAQ for
this list.

I've been following this list for years now but I don't feel I'm as "in the
know" as I used to be so I don't feel I'm suitable anymore.  Hmm...  that
sentence made me sound like I need Viagra or something. :)  Anyway, the
position isn't remotely strenuous, just read _all_ the posts in MUD-Dev and
bring the FAQ in line occassionally.  Though I think there's a demand for a
webpage version of the FAQ.

Drop _me_ an email if you're interested.

Take care, Ling

MUD-Dev maillist  -  MUD-Dev at kanga.nu

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