[MUD-Dev] Spatial datastructures and their application (Was R e: Hilbert Curves)

Owen owend at obscure.org
Fri Nov 5 14:51:41 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Lo, Kam wrote:

> Another disadvantage is that this is theoretical and I have not and will not
> implement it.

  well, implementing a tool to build such spaces sounds like a task on the
same order of complexity as building a Quake style level editor.
  for a MUD with a text based display, it seems like it would be awfully
tough to visualize such constructs... 

  i'm new to the list, but has anyone played around with the Majik engine?
it's a MudOS based engine that allowed you to create Rogue/Nethack style
maps to walk around on.  they have since gone to a totally 3D/java
rendering engine, which was pretty rough but basically working the last
time i looked at it.

  i actually got the Majik text server/client working on my dev machine
here, and played around with it a bit.  it's very neat, though it looks
like it would be a lot of work to extend it enough to build a real game...

  here's some screenshots:


  and here's a description from the readme file:

Majik 3 is the Majik Project's third incarnation which was up and
running within years 1997 and 1998. The purpose of Majik 3 and the
whole Majik project has always been to provide an actual, working
roleplaying enviroment that would be completely player-controlled
and self-sustaining, without the need of outside administration and
control. Majik 3 was a third try. It would have been a success as a
MUD, but we saw that a text-based model consisting of rooms instead
of grids was inadequate for our purposes. This copy of Majik 3 is
taken from a backup just before a big conversion to make the MUD
playable using telnet but would be a roguelike, a gridmap based
game anyways. The date of the backup is January or February, 1998
and the state of Majik at the time was alpha testing, not playable
at all, except you could grow carrots, make money and do some
exploring. See http://majik.netti.fi/majik3.html for an old web page
made for Majik 3 when it was up and running and still maintained by
Majik Development Team. There you'll find for example, a world map.


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