[MUD-Dev] players who "take away from the game"

Charles Hughes charles.hughes at bigfoot.com
Sat Nov 6 23:11:25 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Friday, November 05, 1999 6:38 PM, msew [SMTP:msew at trilogy.com] wrote:
> Question to everyone:
> 0) what are disruptive players?
> 1) what do you do with disruptive players?
> 2) why do disruptive players appear/blossom?

0) Any player who's intent is to disturb the normal (and proper)
functioning of the game.

1) You disconnect them immediately.

2) a) because a good player gets bored with the game but doesn't want to 
    b) because the player is drunk
    c) because the player is pissed about a disruptive player

I can only talk from a player's perspective.  I have witnessed players who 
drunk in rl become very disruptive, as well as non-drunk players become 
assholes just because they want to do that and know how to do it.

I have been subjected to two different disruptive player attacks:
	a) one character who was a newbie went around trying to screw
with people's triggers (he managed to screw with mine which really pissed
me off when the gods decided that was okay to do).
	b) one or more characters who PK in a quite obviously non-PK area
and again the gods refused to intervene.

In both of those cases I became the type C disruptive player - in case A
I blatantly cheated and narrated about it (both these incidents occurred
in a Diku mud) - I was placed into the Void for being an asshole.  I 
learned that someone had forgotten to flag the void as nofight and
managed to kill myself. The remaining time during that night I continued
to be an asshole and was not bothered by the gods again.  I left the
game disgusted by the whole thing.

In the second incident, I became outraged by the disruptive players and
threatened to create a small army that I would log on the moment I found
a disruptive player online.  This threat came almost a month after the
disruptive players appeared and I wasn't the only one complaining.  A few
days later, after I had finished creating my 6th identical warrior, one of 
gods posted that the disruptive players had been sitebanned.

I provide this only as one example of why disruptive players exist - if
you have rules on the mud, enforce them IMMEDIATELY and
PUBLICALLY.  Otherwise you send the message that cheating is
perfectly ok.  (In both cases above, the incidents which made me mad
enough to cheat were caused by the gods not immediately enforcing
the rules.)  I'm not proud of being a disruptive player, but I'm also
not sorry about expressing my displeasure. (Talking with the gods
politely about the matters did not result in an action on their part.)

Purely from the player's perspective, if you get a disruptive player,
disconnect him/her immediately. That player might be pissed as
hell, but his disruptive influence is a disease that will spread
quickly if not treated immediately.  And yes, I should have
been disconnected.

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