[MUD-Dev] IMP (Interactive Mud Protocol?)

J C Lawrence claw at cp.net
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On Mon, 6 Sep 1999 15:27:17 -0400 
Philip Loguinov <-- Draymoor" <fibhufky at erols.com>> wrote:

> Ok, i just heard about something called IMP (Interactive Mud
> Protocol), I'm looking for any info on what this is/does/where to
> get it. Thanks

I don't have anyything definite on this, but I suspect it is in
reference to using bidirectional HTTP for MUD clients.  There's a
semi-useful discussion of the area rooted at:



Ahh, found it!  See:  


The Purpose

Select a working subset of HTML that incorporates easily into a MUD
stream Allow a seamless integration into normal servers so that
users of an IMP-enabled client notice only the tremendous special
features and not the detection process while users of other clients
are not affected at all.

I also observe the utter lack of a reference implementation.  

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