[MUD-Dev] players who "take away from the game"

J C Lawrence claw at cp.net
Wed Nov 10 12:30:56 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On 10 Nov 1999 11:38:48 +0100 
Miroslav Silovic <silovic at zesoi.fer.hr> wrote:

> Well, again... If the game has support for funny bones, that would
> be okay. But what if it didn't? What if funny bones were result of
> some obscure bug - just an admin oversight? Frankly, I wouldn't
> feel like negotiating with players who would 'punish' me for my
> coding oversights. I'd just wipe them out. All of them. :)

I'll merely comment that I Adam's approach to this area is simply
delightful.  Slightly rephrased:

  All bugs are fair game and may be exploited as wished as long as
you report them beforehand.  Exploitation of non-reported bugs (not
reported by the exploiter) are rewarded with character or player

>> Who defined and pulicised the rules?  You or the admins?  How
>> were they promulgated?

> Guess this is the key question. If a non-PK area is defined as
> such by the admins, then admins have a -duty- to make it that way
> for all the players, on the grounds that not doing so gives
> admin-advantages to some players - which is a great reason to be
> pissed off with the admins.

My prior post on the duties of players and admins addresses my take
on this.

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