[MUD-Dev] Costikyan's new report on online gaming

Ola Fosheim Grøstad <olag@ifi.uio.no> Ola Fosheim Grøstad <olag@ifi.uio.no>
Thu Nov 11 03:18:26 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

"Sellers, Michael" wrote:
> Raph wrote:
> >
> http://www.goodreports.com/cgi-bin/SoftCart.100.exe/r-olgame.html?E+scs=
> I have to admit, I have my doubts about the utility of this report.  Di=
> anyone see Costikyan's rant on the last page of Game Developer recently=

It was unfree, as in beer. :( Anyway, there are three articles on gamasut=
that are fairly relevant for MUD design:

* A more motivational type of paper:                                 =20
"Glory and Shame: Powerful Psychology in Multiplayer Online Games"
by Jonathan Baron

* (I have no time to get into this one, but it looks interesting)
"A Modular Framework for Artificial Intelligence Based on
Stimulus Response Directives"
by Charles Guy

* These people usually know what they are doing:
"Occlusion Culling Algorithms"=20
by Tomas M=F6ller and Eric Haines

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