[MUD-Dev] associate producer/designer openings, and others: Maxis/EA

Sellers Sellers
Thu Nov 11 08:41:47 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

(I hope this isn't inappropriate for this list.  Apologies if needed.
Please respond privately to msellers at maxis.com.)
We have one or more potential openings for associate producer/designer
roles.  I say one or more because we're more interested in getting the right
people and molding the role around them than we are in filling a specific
The project is an as-yet formally unannounced product involving (loosely :-)
) SimCity and a massively multiplayer persistent world.  The company is
Maxis, a studio within Electronic Arts located in Walnut Creek California
(Bay area).  Maxis contains about a hundred people, and has a great, nimble,
small-company atmosphere -- backed by the resources of EA.  
The role will involve both producer and designer responsibilities: We're
looking for someone who has experience in bringing a game to market, who has
been through the full product cycle before, and who has the ability and
interest to work as an assistant designer doing detailed system and
component design.  Within those broad strokes, there's a lot of room for
flexibility.  This job will likely involve coordination of schedules between
the designers and engineers (where, I can truthfully say, we already have a
wonderful and engaging relationship), along with working directly on the
design with an emphasis on nailing down the details of the gameplay.  You
will definitely have the opportunity to put your personal stamp on this very
high-profile game.  
The team is currently small and mature, with a lot of prior game experience.
If you have no commercial game experience, then unfortunately this isn't the
job for you (those may crop up later in a number of forms).  If you have
some production and/or design experience, and any experience (commercial or
not) with massively multiplayer online games, please contact me via email at
msellers at maxis.com.  
If you're interested or have questions, send me email (include a resume if
you like, text or Word format).  Principals and serious inquiries only,
And please note: this is NOT an entry-level position for someone without
prior commercial game experience.  
Thanks very much.
Mike Sellers
Senior Designer
SimCity Online

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