[MUD-Dev] MySQL as a MUD.

Quzah quzah at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 11 09:31:36 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Hello all.

Yesterday I saw a bit of info on MySQL. I've
never used SQL or anything similar, but I got
the idea of using it with a pseudo language
for the basis of a mud. The idea is a very
simple one:

I wrote a little socket engine and I want to put
a *cough* simple *cough* little pseudo language
in with it so that I can define "rules" and
"objects" while the server is running. (I know,
go look at Cold or LPC or something, it's already
been done--I'm a glutton for punnishment, what
can I say? ;)

Anyway, back to the idea:

Since it looks to me that MySQL will let you add
in new tables (ala objects) at any time you want,
you could have one table for "commands", one
for "rules" etc etc. Whenever you wanted a new
data type, you could easily modify an existing
table, or create a whole new one instantly. (So
it seems, from the little I read on it anyway.)

You would only need a few hard coded functions.
You'd need an interpreter which would look at
your input and check it against the table you
have set up for "commands" to see if it was a
valid one or not. If so, it would read the data
from the command and run it through an action
parser to give you results.

I think I'm going to do this, because it sounds
like a fun thing to do. Does any one out there
see any really "bad" things related to doing
something like this? Something that I am over
looking, since I haven't used SQL before? It
seems an interesting idea, so I'll probably see
if I can't give it a go, but I'd be interested
in hearing ideas on the matter.

Anyway, it sounds interesting to me. I like
the idea of being able to toss in new bits
and pieces at my whim; and from the little I
read on MySQL, it seems like it's supposed to
fetch, put, and change data quickly quickly
enough. Quickly enough to be a MUD? Just a
thought... for now.


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