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From: Charles Hughes <charles.hughes at bigfoot.com>
> On Thursday, November 11, 1999 6:13 PM, Holly Sommer
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> > On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Sellers, Michael wrote:

Hmm, seems to be one too many attributions here, but I guess
that's ok? Anyway...

> > > And, to return to the previous discussion, if a bug is known and
> > > someone repeatedly uses it to their own advantage, well, they
> > > deserve whatever they get in the end.
> >
> > What I've done in the past is plant an outrageous item somewhere near the
> > person's logout room, as a test. If they exploit it, it'll have some
> > undocumented features about it, which might result in a freeze or
> > something.

Wow, I must have missed that post. That's just plain wrong IMO.
If I am a player, and I find a wonderful item in the game, damn
right I'm going to use it over a lesser item. I always thought
the idea of an IMM or whatever you call them was to *fix* things,
not trap players so you can nuke them? Maybe it's just me, or
maybe I have just been away from actually playing in so long...

However, that just is outright wrong IMO. You'll never get the
help from the players if they're wondering "Gee, can I use this
item? If I do, will I get in trouble for it?" Why would they
report something--they'd be afraid of you nuking them for
even picking it up in the first place...

You shouldn't have to look over your shoulder as a player all
the time for fear the gods are trying to nail you. It is bad
form. IMO, if they aren't causing the game to crash, then it
should be ok for them to do it until you fix it.

Yes, you might not *want* to take the time to fix it, but if
it's broken, it needs to be done. Shrug. You shouldn't put
things in to intentionally provoke them; they'll find things
wrong enough as it is.

> Um, why?   I'm a much bigger player than admin and I've seen this
> attitude before but I don't understand it.  Why penalize a player
> for the inadequacies of a programmer?  The player is doing EXACTLY
> what he's supposed to - it's the game that is behaving improperly.
> Why not just take off your belt and whip the server?  (Or, more
> appropriately, the programmer. :)



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