[MUD-Dev] players who "take away from the game"

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Fri Nov 12 23:50:38 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

From: Philip Loguinov -- Draymoor <fibhufky at erols.com>
>From: Quzah <quzah at hotmail.com>
>>On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Ola Fosheim [iso-8859-1] Grøstad wrote:
>>> Example: If I get one million gold for selling my first mushroom
>>> to a troll in the mountains, does that make it a bug?  I would
>>> call it a fortunate incident.
>>This remindes me of 'Conch' (I think that's how they spelled it.) Mud.


>>Even when the king and queen were only worth 1 experience, I think you
>>could get in there and kill the bqbp for 50 or so.
>>Getting in was another matter entirely ;) You just had my mage go out
>>there as soon as he got um.. beacon or something like that, he cast a
>>beacon on the chess board at low level, then recalled/teleported back
>>to his beacon, you met him there at low leve, and he cast your anchor
>>(beacon had two parts: anchor, and recall) on the chess board, then
>>any time at high level you wanted back out there, he cast recall on
>>you and vola!
>>Such a fun place, so many fun things to do... it's a shame what
>>they did to my mage :(
>Very clever. Now, this wasn't a bug, sorta.
>The experiance MAY have been a bug, but thats a differant matter.
>I believe bugs should be reported, however exploits are fair game.
>Heres the differance:


>An exploit (mortal example):
>PK mud, i'm the most powerfull player on the mud (mage, i know EVERYTHING,
>can get anyware) Now, its smaug, with stock deadly/peacefull and level
>limits on PK.
>I'm 50, there is no safe on repop/deathpop.
>I get an item that pops an aggro mob into existance and it attacks you.
>I am invisible and use the item, aggro mob in deathpop room :)
>I go and kill a person (charmies) who is an enemy of my clan and they
>pop up at deathpop. Mob kills them.
>they pop up at deathpop. mob kills them. etc etc etc.
>TERRIBLE spam on the deathlog :P
>Eventually a friend of mine (currently playing an imm, this was an alpha)
>gets to put safe on the room, but not before the guy died over  a hundred
>times in approx. 10 seconds.
>There is no bug here. The deathpop room was meant to be unsafe. I took
>advantage of all the stuff i had and knew to exploit the system.

This is *exactly* why they ruined my mage. The room you went to
when you died had no entrances, only 1 exit which went down to
the town. I got myself killed on purpose, so I returned to the
"deathpop" room. I stood up (you always start sitting down when
you die) and cast "anchor". Thus, I now could cast "recall"
any time I wanted to get back into the "deathpop" room.

There was this warrior who always wanted to fight me, so finally
he "convinced" me to turn on my PK flag. (Which you couldn't turn
off once it was on.) We espied eachother in town, and proceeded
to attempt to kill eachother. I won. He died. I cast recall, and
before he could "stand" (because you are sitting once you die)
I "k sturm" - over and over and over and over and over and...

I killed him god only knows how many times in a row. He couldn't
stand and go down fast enough, so I just kept smacking him.

What you consider an exploit, the "gods" were none to happy
about. They ruined a perfectly good mage :( Bastards!


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