[MUD-Dev] players who "take away from the game"

Quzah quzah at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 14 04:32:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

From: Ronan Farrell <rfarrell at sslinc.com>
> On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Quzah wrote:
> > I killed him god only knows how many times in a row. He couldn't
> > stand and go down fast enough, so I just kept smacking him.
> >
> > What you consider an exploit, the "gods" were none to happy
> > about. They ruined a perfectly good mage :( Bastards!
> >
> > Quzah.
> Quzah, exploiting the system is one thing, but what you did was, imho,
> wrong.  I believe that there should be some protection against abuses in
> a system.  What you did was find a loophole and you abused it.  I see
> no valid reason why a game should allow someone to kill someone else
> hundreds of times, killing them back to level-1.  You exploiting the
> fact that someone repops sitting down and with low hps...

Death had no meaning there. You didn't loose levels when you died.
You couldn't loose levels unless a god did it to you. You got your
corpse back always. Death served no purpose.

> May I ask with your esteemed knowledge how come you didn't report this
> loophole to the imms... the imms cannot know everything, that's why
> players are meant to report things.

Let's see... I reported the fact that looking at something not
in the same room with you crashed the mud. I reported that you
could teleport to unlinked rooms. I reported the fact that you
could teleport to the morgue, and thus steal from player corpses.
I reported something with the player's inventory that caused
corruption of it. I lost count of all the things I reported.

And in the end, I reported that [teleporting int othe "safe"
room] too because I told them how I killed him so many times
so fast, because they didn't have a clue as to how I did it.
Not to mention the fact that I found a way to put people to
sleep indefinately, as well as the fact that a few mage
spells weren't considered offensive to players (when they 
should have been), as well as the fact that you could cast
these spells on players when your PKILL flag was not on
(ie: when they were "safe" from pk). All in all, me and my
traveling companion reported so many things to them it was

Sure it was an exploit and I used it. The fact remains that
I found it and told them about it. The fact also remains
that the warrior that I used the exploit on had hounded me
to no end to turn on my PKILL flag because he was sure he
could take me. He couldn't and I showed him that a mage
*IS* smarter than a warrior :)

Besides, you couldn't loose levels in the game. You always
got your corpse back, and so death had no meaning there.

> If I were in charge, I would change the repop room to
> being anti-magic and definitely safe... I don't know if
> I'd delete your char, that would depend on other things,
> but I would sure as hell would either prevent ever
> re-occuring or secondly ensure that you got caught in
> the exploit yourself.
> Ronan

They did fix it. Without me finding it and telling them
about it, they wouldn't have been able to. They didn't
delete the mage, the ruined it, so I self deleted and
left. (I was close to "heroing" when this happened.) :)

I enjoy finding problems. I report them. I just happened
to use this one once before I reported it. Sure it was
wrong, but it sure was fun putting the warrior in his
place :) All in all, I ended up helping their mud by
finding tons of problem. The only sad point to this
story was the fact that they runied a perfectly good
mage. He was such a fine mage too...


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