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Mon Nov 15 19:26:35 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

[Ilya, Game Commandos:]

> I've been keeping notes on code bases that are out there and generally available and 
> which do not have no-commercial-use restrictions on their licenses.   To date, I am
> only aware of a couple of these, either released under GPL or other such:
> Cold/ColdC, ScryMUD, and more recently Wolfshade.

> Any others I'm missing?

Well, mine falls into that category, but probably doesn't count due to
its non-availability. In the various releases as AmigaMUD, I included
all the docs and examples, and the full scenario (world/mudlib) sources,
but I've never released the server sources (or the original custom client
sources). The new Java client was written by a friend, but all the rest
is 100% mine, and it isn't based on any other system. So, it isn't
really encumbered. However, I've had bad experiences in the past with
releasing sources, and having people make significant changes that I
disagree with. That's somewhat of a childish attitude, I know, but since
I do this as a hobby, I feel entitled to it. My current thinking is that
there are a couple of ways I could be talked into releasing the sources:

    - someone buys them, either exclusively or non-exclusively
    - I lose interest, and no longer care
    - enough people express strong interest, so that I can be reasonably
	sure it won't all just fizzle out, with me left holding a mess

Before any of those (except perhaps the 3rd) are likely, I need to stabilize
things and get at least *one* Linux server release out!

Don't design inefficiency in - it'll happen in the implementation.

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