[MUD-Dev] code base inquiry

Philip Loguinov -- Draymoor fibhufky at erols.com
Mon Nov 15 19:26:36 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

>  Ilya, Game Commandos     http://www.gamecommandos.com    wrote:
>I plan to strongly espouse that the hobbyist community dump all of the
>code bases (the DIKU line, nearly all the LPC line, and just about
everybody else actually!)
>and to find one that could be used commercially -- assuming the offering is
good enough
>of course.

Please explain why you want people to drop very solid source
codes simply because you are upset you can't use them to make
money.  These source codes are provided to people who want to
run a mud for fun to save them work. Why would people who
mud/run muds for a _hobby_ drop source codes provided to them
under no cost or expectation. The only reason i can see is to force
people to use commercial code bases, code from scratch, or play
commercial muds

-Philip Loguinov

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