[MUD-Dev] Sony's EverQuest Admits Using Diku

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Wed Nov 17 11:59:53 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

> Locke wrote:
> During Bernard Yee's presentation, he framed the entire demonstration
> by saying that Sony's EverQuest was based on DikuMUD -- which I found
> at first flattering (being a member of the mudding community) and then
> later, perplexing.  Does the Diku Group know this?  Have they been
> compensated?

This sounds sort of like saying DikuMUD was based on AD&D. It doesn't
necessarily mean they used the DikuMUD codebase for anything.

> If you've ever played EverQuest, it does resemble in many ways Diku --
> it has 'grouping' as well as 'shout' commands, and the actual way the
> characters interact is very similar to what goes on in your standard
> Diku, with a veneer of bad 3D graphics layered on top of the,
> ultimately, mud-like interface.

Which is almost certainly all he meant.

If they chose to use an existing mud codebase, they would have used
something more technically sound, I'm sure. And could you avoid the
multipart MIME mail with your message in both text and html formats?
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