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Ilya Ilya
Wed Nov 17 13:46:41 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999 18:57:10 +1300, Ian Macintosh wrote:

))    > Ilya, Game Commandos
))    >
))    >
))    > Any others I'm missing?
))I believe you can add the LambdaMOO server code to that list.  Don't
))confuse the server code with the MOO located at lambda.moo.mud.org, as
))that is a specific implementation.
))I noticed something interesting about Lambda (the implementation).  It
))appears to hold the world record for popularity in text based VR
))systems (dump all mud, moo, mush, etc under that banner).  It seems to
))average around 200 - 250 simultaneous users most of the day, and I've
))never seen less that 100 users on it at any one time.  Correct that
))statment if you know otherwise :-)
))Ian Macintosh.

I'm pretty sure that Dragon Realms and Avalon (admittedly, commercial offerings,
but still text only) beat that handily.   I believe there are others, though few with
the longevity of LambdaMOO.

I know there was a recent exchange on the usenet about sizes and several came
out in the multiple hundreds.  Can't recall which they were, but I think they included
Arctic and Medievia and Realms of Despair.  Sojourn/Duril/Toris/Basternae was/were
in that vicinity.  Don't really recall for sure though!

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