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Adam Wiggins adam at angel.com
Wed Nov 17 15:54:16 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Ilya, Game Commandos wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Nov 1999 18:57:10 +1300, Ian Macintosh wrote:
> ))I noticed something interesting about Lambda (the implementation).  It
> ))appears to hold the world record for popularity in text based VR
> ))systems (dump all mud, moo, mush, etc under that banner).  It seems to
> ))average around 200 - 250 simultaneous users most of the day, and I've
> ))never seen less that 100 users on it at any one time.  Correct that
> ))statment if you know otherwise :-)
> I'm pretty sure that Dragon Realms and Avalon (admittedly, commercial
> offerings, but still text only) beat that handily.   I believe there are
> others, though few with the longevity of LambdaMOO.
> I know there was a recent exchange on the usenet about sizes and several
> came out in the multiple hundreds.  Can't recall which they were, but I
> think they included Arctic

Arctic, at the peak of its popularity, was doing daily ranges of 120 - 200.
Impressive but not a record-breaker.

> and Medievia

Not real familiar with this one, but the three or so times I have logged
on over the years I've never seen more than 100.

> Sojourn/Duril/Toris/Basternae was/were
> in that vicinity.  Don't really recall for sure though!

Sojourn, before it split, had a solid 300 - 400 players on all the time.
I would say that it holds the record for non-profit muds, however that
popularity was somewhat short-lived (mostly due to the split, I'd say).

If Lambda has managed to maintain three-digit numbers for many years, then
I'd say that's more impressive than any "records".  Arctic is strong in
that category as well, although it has faded - these days I think it
hangs out between 80 - 120 players, and certainly doesn't hit the 200
that it used to.

Adam W.

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