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Wed Nov 17 20:28:42 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Adam Wiggins wrote:

<snipped continuous quoting>

> Arctic, at the peak of its popularity, was doing daily ranges of 120 - 200.
> Impressive but not a record-breaker.

I thinkit still hovers in the upper double digitis/low hundreds.  Another
old DIKU that (2 years ago when I last played it) had a pretty solid base
(80-120) was Grimne.

> > and Medievia
> Not real familiar with this one, but the three or so times I have logged
> on over the years I've never seen more than 100.

Everytime I've hit this one (and it's been about a year since the last
time), there were anywhere from 200-400 online.  I don't know how many of
them were mults, but that's still pretty beastly number.  I DO know that
in 95/96 they were averaging 250-300.

> > Sojourn/Duril/Toris/Basternae was/were
> > in that vicinity.  Don't really recall for sure though!
> Sojourn, before it split, had a solid 300 - 400 players on all the time.
> I would say that it holds the record for non-profit muds, however that
> popularity was somewhat short-lived (mostly due to the split, I'd say).

*nod*  IIRC, most of the players were fairly pertubed when Sojourn
originally split, a LOT got pissed when Toril/Duris faded and were
replaced with Basternae.  I'm not sure what the current numbers for
Basternae are, Bueller?


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