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Another place I found while collecting links for the Library:

  The Urban Desire Project


This website presents the Urban Desire Project, a collection of
files created and constantly improved by the Urban Desire Team. The
members and contributors of UDT aim their efforts towards constant
improvement for the benefit of every MUD fan, and would appreciate
your support. Please do so by not modifying the circulating Urban
Desire files at your own will. Transmit your suggestions to us
instead. We work for the benefit of MUD players and developers
everywhere, so please don't sabotage us.

Urban Desire is the description of a better multiplayer online
world, generically known as a MUD. This description is not a
technical document offering the programming code necessary for
implementing a MUD engine, but the image of the virtual world
itself, hopefully in every possible detail.

No gamedriver that implements Urban Desire exists at this moment. A
dedicated one would have to be written to fully support the entire
array of ideas, although some of them could of course be used on
already existent engines. If people out there decide to implement
Urban Desire ideas on either an existent or a dedicated gamedriver,
we'd appreciate hearing about it, in order to point readers towards
those MUD's.

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