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Matthew Mihaly diablo at
Wed Nov 17 23:43:54 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Petri Virkkula wrote:

> 	How others are calculating their player statistics? I have
> 	always seen people stating that a mud X averages between
> 	"100-200". I have been wondering whther other mud admins are
> 	not interested in more exact numbers at all. The statistics I
> 	have seen seems to show the impression of the player count as
> 	seen from players' point of view.
> 	Statistics for BatMUD are generated from exact playtimes. When
> 	a player logs in (or logs out, or linkdeaths) a log entry is
> 	made (almost standard ENTER log in LPMuds). After playing
> 	sessions are generated based on the data in the ENTER
> 	log. Length of sessions are calculated in seconds, meaning
> 	that we know how many seconds BatMUD is mplayed daily, monthly
> 	and yearly. The average player count is then easy to
> 	calculate, as well as it is very easy to generate various
> 	statistics because those sessions are kept in a database.
> 	The results of those statistics calculations are available in
> 	our WWW pages at <URL:>.  
> 	Doesn't other muds are interested in statistics, or why they
> 	do not seem to collect/show more exact data?

We do. We track exact user-statistics in a number of categories, including
total, customer (those who have bought things), non-customer, broken down
by total playing time (ie percentage under 5 hours, under 20 hours, under
50 hours, under 100 hours, under 200 hours, under 500 hours, and under
1000 hours), etc. 

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