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Ilya Ilya
Thu Nov 18 07:52:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999 01:34:19 -0800, Joe Kingry wrote:
))<big snip>
))Which got me to thinking, can a MUD really handle a battle on the scale of
))two armies?  I don't just mean in pure processing time, but in the
))organisation and handling of multiple groups and units etc.  It would seem
))almost an entirely different system. Which is what I suppose most people
))would argue with the modern movement of M*'s seems to be away from the
))heavily combat reliant DIKU base. Large scale battles are not the realm of
))M*'s.  For example, AD&D really isn't designed for large scale battle, and
))it survives myriad adventures without it.
))Just some thoughts,

D&D (no, I still haven't figured out why I should use AD&D in place of the
original term which has always worked just fine for me!) was written by a
bunch of folks playing with miniatures (a la warhammer) who added in 
heroes, gave them lives of their own, and ended up with roleplaying games.
(I know this is a bit of an oversummarization, but the salient points are
about right).

So it's ironic to think of D&D in this light: "It isn't really designed for large
scale battle."  Of course it isn't!

This is not meant as an argument, or contradiction of your points, just an

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