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> How others are calculating their player statistics? I have
> always seen people stating that a mud X averages between
> "100-200". I have been wondering whther other mud admins are
> not interested in more exact numbers at all. The statistics I
> have seen seems to show the impression of the player count as
> seen from players' point of view.

  On Dreamshadow the Citymaster access menu keeps track of guests
and connection types for a given period (usually, I reset this
every 30 days)...

Life 100 Mana 100 > finger citymaster

              Citymaster Worldserver
            Remote Status Access Request
         Copyright (c)1992 The Dreamshadow Project

Guest Logins: Yes   New Characters: Yes   Lockout Level: n/a

Login screen source file: /etc/WELCOME.normal

Login data (Last Cleared Mon Nov  1 20:49:48 1999):
Total Logins 443
Current      1
  Staff Logins - 177
  New Players  - 59
  Guest Logins - 30
 Player Logins - 236
  Failed Tries - 596

Current time    Thu Nov 18 08:55:37 1999
Up since        Wed Nov 17 12:56:56 1999

Internal Status Ok      Integrity Ok     Checksum Ok
Life 100 Mana 100 >

  Obviously, attendance is down, just on the face of it. We keep a
running average and month-by-month comparison in the cast member's

Life 100 Mana 100 > wiznews motd

*** October Login Statistics ***

  Players' logins (includes new character first-time): 451
     From September: -40%   From Average: -61%

  New Characters Created: 80
     From September: -10%   From Average: -10%

  Visitor Logins: 52
     From September: -27%   From Average: -27%


  If I'm feeling particularly masochistic I'll compute the
average-visitors-per hour using the data from Citymaster. To whit,
236 guest logins over an 18-day period yields one every two hours,
down 248% from September. *sigh*

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