Player statistics calculation (Was: Re: [MUD-Dev] code base inquiry)

Petri Virkkula pvirkkul at
Thu Nov 18 09:08:09 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

	How others are calculating their player statistics? I have
	always seen people stating that a mud X averages between
	"100-200". I have been wondering whther other mud admins are
	not interested in more exact numbers at all. The statistics I
	have seen seems to show the impression of the player count as
	seen from players' point of view.

	Statistics for BatMUD are generated from exact playtimes. When
	a player logs in (or logs out, or linkdeaths) a log entry is
	made (almost standard ENTER log in LPMuds). After playing
	sessions are generated based on the data in the ENTER
	log. Length of sessions are calculated in seconds, meaning
	that we know how many seconds BatMUD is mplayed daily, monthly
	and yearly. The average player count is then easy to
	calculate, as well as it is very easy to generate various
	statistics because those sessions are kept in a database.
	The results of those statistics calculations are available in
	our WWW pages at <URL:>.  

	Doesn't other muds are interested in statistics, or why they
	do not seem to collect/show more exact data?


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