[MUD-Dev] Admin: Attribute your quotes

J C Lawrence claw at cp.net
Thu Nov 18 09:13:32 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Writing as list owner:

  The rate of list submissions which do not properly attribute (or
flatly fail to attribute) their quoted text has been rising of late
to a half dozen or more per day.  You (hopefulyy) don't see them
because I do (and I'd rather not).

  Quoting from the list guidelines at



  6.All quoted material must be attributed. For materials from other
    sources than the list, state the author and source. A reply to a
    post from the list must have at least the name of the original
    author if your mailer does not automatically prepend one. For

           >On  4 Jan 98 at 22:20, Boffo wrote:
           >> Buffy wrote:
           >>> I just found a neat way of handling newbie guides 
           >>> at ...
           >> Yes, that is neat!  I particularly like the talking
           >> sword.

  This is not an idle statement.  Correct attributions are a flat
requirement for any post to make it onto the list.  This is not just
a way for me to excuse throwing away a post I don't like.  Correct
attribution is a statement of respect and acknowledgement for the
person quoted and provides a valuable back pointer for people
encountering your post during research.

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