[MUD-Dev] Muq V -1.46.0 release (fwd)

J C Lawrence claw at cp.net
Thu Nov 18 09:18:02 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 04:01:26 -0600
From: Cynbe ru Taren <cynbe at muq.org>
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Subject: Muq V -1.46.0 release

I've posted a

release of Muq.

The main change is to cope better with a space efficiency issue
pointed out by Scott Crosby: Internally, vm.t was allocating disk
space in blocks of 64K, which worked well for a single large db but
was resulting in lots of wasted space in small dbs -- something
which became a significant issue when Muq was rewritten to give each
user a separate db file.

This release uses a basic allocation unit of 256 bytes plus
some other tuning to improve space efficiency on this front.

Scott will probably wish to download this version to compare
space usage statistics;  I'm uncertain whether anyone else
will want to download this update.


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I've also placed it and related files at:


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