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AR Schleicher ars at iag.net
Thu Nov 18 09:36:35 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

From: Dundee <SkeptAck at antisocial.com>
>I'm not sure why it would concern the mud hosting service, since they never
>made any agreement with OSI anyway.

Another quote from UO's ToS agreement:

You further agree not to create or provide any other means through which
Ultima Online may be played by others -- for example, through server

IANAL, but if someone was to run a commercial UO server, I'd think OSI could
go to a court and show that creating an emulator without having the UO
service (and therefore agreeing to this part of the ToS) is virtually
impossible, and that the (illegally made) server can't legally be run by

Anyways, to make this post more relevant to the list:

I think the main reason UO Emulators are so popular is that the client is
such a great resource.  A huge amount of nicely done artwork and sounds,
along with fairly good client code.  If there was anything like this outside
of UO, I think it would be quite popular.  Is there any group working
towards such a goal or something similar?

AR Schleicher (Jerrith)
ars at iag.net

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