[MUD-Dev] MUD client resources (was: Mud hosting services)

Bruce Bruce
Thu Nov 18 09:39:24 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

AR Schleicher wrote:
>Anyways, to make this post more relevant to the list:
>I think the main reason UO Emulators are so popular is that the client is
>such a great resource.  A huge amount of nicely done artwork and sounds,
>along with fairly good client code.  If there was anything like this
>of UO, I think it would be quite popular.  Is there any group working
>towards such a goal or something similar?

This would require a few things that don't exist yet today though.

First, a well designed client-server protocol that people could implement
into their systems and wasn't aimed at just one type of architecture or
game.  There are lot of things that could be used here:  CORBA, XML-RPC (or
now SOAP), RPC, custom wire protocols.  Then there are the issues of object
models and interfaces available.

Secondly, the resources to host all of this, which should probably be
separate from the taint of being driven by a particular server project.

Third, an agreed upon architecture for the client.  This type of client
would probably fit into the Mozilla architecture fairly well.  It is already
cross platform and is pretty modular.  It would also provide a firm
foundation for basing the client in a well-entrenched set of standards.  It
also sets forth a clear path for means of extension:  JavaScript and XPCOM

I've a strong interest in this and got involved with Mozilla for this
purpose, but got sidetracked into spending months working on memory leaks
instead. :)  If others are interested, I'd love to hear about it, either on
list or in private email.

 - Bruce

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