[MUD-Dev] code base inquiry

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Thu Nov 18 12:00:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

"Matthew D. Fuller" wrote:
> I think if we're talking about codebases that can be used commercially as
> well as 'freely', the GPL becomes a problem itself.  Requiring source
> disclosure of all your changes is a burden if you're trying to use those
> changes (new features!  new things to do!  new fun stuff!) to distinguish
> yourself from 'the rest' and attract people to make a buck.

I disagree... If you want to use your changes to distinguish your mud,
you probably won't want to distribute them in binary form. Thus, the GPL
doesn't require you to distribute it source form either, so no problem.
While I'm not a fan of the GPL, muds are one of the categories of
software least affected by its licensing terms.
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