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On Sun, 13 Sep 1998 20:49:38 -0400 
Philip Loguinov <-- Draymoor" <fibhufky at erols.com>> wrote:

> Please explain why you want people to drop very solid source codes
> simply because you are upset you can't use them to make money.
> These source codes are provided to people who want to run a mud
> for fun to save them work. Why would people who mud/run muds for a
> _hobby_ drop source codes provided to them under no cost or
> expectation. The only reason i can see is to force people to use
> commercial code bases, code from scratch, or play commercial muds

You are staring directly into the teeth of one of the base arguments
in the Open Source debate as it applies business process, business
models, product differentiation and valuation, and concepts of
competition, value add, and the very large gray area between Open
Source (as defined by the OSI), and the large gap which lies between
that (or the DFSG) and traditional closed source development.  The
not-really-open-but-not-really-closed-either game is poorly defined
and structured at this point despite the efforts of Larry McVoy,
Peter Deutsch (who terms it MOTAP for More Open Than At Present) and
others.  Having worked in the Open Source arena, worked for Open
Source companies such as VA, and knowing many of the principle
actors involved -- it is an ugly and rancorous argument.

Writing as list owner:

  It is also an argument that's off topic for MUD-Dev.

Not writing as list owner:

  While its not really the correct venue, I'd suggest the
license-discuss mailing list to pursue this topic, or at least to
find the correct venue.

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