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Philip Loguinov <-- Draymoor" <fibhufky at erols.com>> wrote:

> All that is a very nice concept i think, however, i can see from
> the start there would be serious problems that could arrise, like
> builder corruption or player's sucking up.  Has anyone tried this?
> Can someone see something i could do to make this work smoothly or
> at least some problems i may have missed.

Both Raph Koster and Mike Sellers have written on the list on the
explosive characteristics of having Admins active in your game
world, and the political and social problems that inevitably derive
(everything from cries of "Favouritism!" on down).  I strongly
suggest yuo hit the archives and dig up those posts.

I recommend that your admins never appear in the game world in any
form that is recognisable or identifiable as an admin.  If any human
has administrative capabilities, make damned sure that NOBODY knows
who their player characters are.  Just cut the cord.  You have
player characters who operate within the game world, and
administrative characters who operated outside the game world, and
never the twain shall meet.

cf old homilies about watching how either sausage or the law is

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