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On Thu, 18 Nov 1999 09:36:35 -0500 Thu, 18 Nov 1999 11:00:01 CST, "AR
Schleicher" <ars at iag.net> wrote:

> IANAL, but if someone was to run a commercial UO server,=20

Well, I'm not speaking of running a commercial server, I'm speaking of
mudhosting services leasing cpu/bandwidth/drivespace for non-commercial

The exact same concern (running a commercial mud when the lisense =
says you cannot), as far as I know, applies to most of the mud software =
there - you aren't allowed to run commercial servers using that software
either... and yet the mud hosting services *do* host those muds.

> I'd think OSI could
> go to a court and show that creating an emulator without having the UO
> service (and therefore agreeing to this part of the ToS) is virtually
> impossible,=20

It would have been impossible for the first one (UOX), but all the rest =
came after UOX (opensource that it is), wouldn't have had much difficulty=

Worst case, OSI tells the person running the server to stop it.  Best =
they follow the precedent set with UOAssist (also developed in direct
violation of the ToS - for profit, no less - but now "approved for use =

'Course, the most likely case is that OSI will continue to ignore server
emulators (so long as they are non-commercial), until UO is so old that =
one cares any more.

> along with fairly good client code.  If there was anything like this =
> of UO, I think it would be quite popular.  Is there any group working
> towards such a goal or something similar?

I think WorldForge (formerly "Altima")  =
is the only one that seems to be active any more.

It shouldn't be too very long before commercial game companies take the =
though.  I imagine they'll hit retail long before WorldForge is ready for


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