Player statistics calculation (Was: Re: [MUD-Dev] code base inquiry)

David Bennett ddt at
Thu Nov 18 19:11:08 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On 11/18/99, at 2:35 PM, Adam Wiggins wrote: 

>Very nice looking charts.
>I notice that Discworld seems to experience very steady player levels:
>your peak-to-trough on a daily basis seems to be 100 to 130, which is
>a pretty small range.  Do you attribute this to having an even
>of players around the world (and thus the californias are logging on just
>as the europeans are logging off?) or do you simply have players that play
>hours a day? :)

Well...  I think also we could support more people but we have a player
cap, the size of the player swing difference has slowly diminished instead
of the overall maximum (people from time zones that have less people
playing find it easier to play :).

The player cap being 130 :)

Good luck!

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