[MUD-Dev] code base inquiry

Mik Clarke mikclrk at attglobal.net
Thu Nov 18 20:38:05 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> I don't really want to get drawn into an open-source closed-source issue,
> but I will observe that every single stock mud (open source) that I've
> seen is essentially the same. Same classes, same spells, same goals (ie
> going out and bashing monsters). Perhaps this says something about the
> ability and willingness of the open-source mudding community to innovate.

I think it's saying that a lot more people want to play/run muds than
are capable of writing both mud driver and new areas from scratch.  For
people who are just starting, the prospect of writing a world from
scratch is quite daunting and most packages come with these very nice
stock areas that everyone knows (and loves).  New bits tend to get built
around the edges (or the old bits just get redecorated).

Consider CthulhuMud.  This started as a sunder mud which had an
'own' world and a few stock areas attached.  We've been running for over
a year and in that time we've managed to replace the Sunder world and
add a lot of original stuff.  That said, there are a few places that
be hauntingly familier to those who have played many of the stock

Cthulhumud is open source for the mud driver (now heavily post ROM), but
we are not, currently, distributing our areas.  Do not confuse lack of
time/desire to code new areas to any extent with the openness (or
otherwise) of the code base.  Ideally there will always be a single
CthulhuMud driver and the only differences between the muds using it
will be in the area files. (Means it needs a very flexible code base.)
Most people I meet who want to be builders don't know the first thing
about programming, and normally have to be taught OLC.  The more options
we can give them at that level of customization, the better.


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