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J C Lawrence claw at cp.net
Fri Nov 19 17:14:46 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

> Which got me to thinking, can a MUD really handle a battle on the
> scale of two armies?  I don't just mean in pure processing time,
> but in the organisation and handling of multiple groups and units
> etc.  It would seem almost an entirely different system. Which is
> what I suppose most people would argue with the modern movement of
> M*'s seems to be away from the heavily combat reliant DIKU
> base. Large scale battles are not the realm of M*'s.  For example,
> AD&D really isn't designed for large scale battle, and it survives
> myriad adventures without it.

There are a couple of simple player characteristics that intervene

  -- Everybody wants to be the hero.  Nobody wants to be an foot

  -- The games of handling individual players, their lives, and
adventures, as versus the game of organising large numbers of
characters, regiments, legions, etc are entirely different.
Consider the difference between Command&Conquer for instance and

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