[MUD-Dev] Re: Player statistics calculation

B. Schulte bs at hamburg.roses.de
Fri Nov 19 18:59:43 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Petri Virkkula wrote:
> How others are calculating their player statistics?

On Xyllomer a usergraph which is updated about every two hours can be
found on
the web-page (http://www.xyllomer.de:80/statistic_text/userstat.html).
It keeps
track of total, average and max. users per day, as well as showing some
of those
dates back to 1996.

There is also an internal statistic running, which shows stuff like
average and max.
online-time of users, sortet by guilds (some would say classes), sortet
by religion,
sortet by race, also an overview of average/max experience gain per
guild, race

What is sadly missing up to date is keeping track of the number new
users, which I
think gives also important information about the "healthiness" of a mud.

Cheers, Birgit

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