[MUD-Dev] about MOO

Laurent Bossavit bossavit at cybercable.fr
Fri Nov 19 21:32:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Ilya sez:

> Okay, just a brief inquiry for those of you knowledgeable in this area,
> which I suspect are more than just a few.  Why not MOO?  Meaning,
> it seems a reasonable set of code to start with, even for coding some-
> thing a bit more goal-oriented than it seems it's usually used for.

AFAICT (and I have some experience) MOO would be at least as well 
suited to game-oriented M*s than, say, LPMud. It's just that 
historically it's been used more for social worlds, and that very few 
RPG-oriented databases exist out there. (I know of one MOO with a 
complete combat system - I might even have the DB somewhere.)

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