[MUD-Dev] Admins as Mortals twist

Ryan P. ixiterra at microworld.com
Sat Nov 20 01:07:33 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

  I've watched this admins as mortals idea pass back and forth. However, I
don't think
that is where the problem area lies. Players know and respect (usually)
their wizards/imms
as higher powers, and hopefully the imms respect the players as well.
Everything is
copasetic. However, what about among the ranks of immortals? There always
seems to be
that low-ranking wizard that wants to lash out and fight back against a
high-ranking wizard;
there is always that high-ranking wizard that wants to abuse his/her power
on a low-ranking
wizard. My idea is this: get rid of the hierarchy! Have about 3-8 true
administrators (depending
on the size/need of the mud of course) and everyone else is one, large
conglomeration where
everyone has equal say. Some wizards will have more access and will be more
etc., but that is earned. Lower wizards will more likely lean towards
getting to know a more
experienced wizard rather than thinking, "Oh, he's more powerful than I am,
I better be wary."
Nearly every mud I have wizzed on has had some problem of this sort, and
I'm sure this idea
would have some problems, but I just thought of it now and perhaps you all
can add to it to
make it better=)


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