[MUD-Dev] Re: about MOO

Gevan shanos at es.co.nz
Sat Nov 20 19:08:51 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Quoting Dan Root (dar at thekeep.org):
> >There was once a disk based version of LambdaMOO, IIRC, though it may have
> >never really gotten off the ground.
> Lots of talk, but I never saw any code, nor anyone who claimed to have it,
> other than, as you mention, LPMOO, which is amusing, but not really the
> right way to run a MOO.  :)

I hacked one up in a couple of afternoons a couple of years ago, then
promptly threw the code away again because the MOO I was working on at
the time didn't really need it -- it was just a bit of fun.  I never
bothered coming up with a good on-disk representation, so it was quite
slow. (As I recall I just used the normal db object write/read code,
which is text-based.)

So I claim to have had *something*.  Of course, I don't now.

The internal db abstraction in 1.8.0ish LambdaMOO is just good enough 
to make it a lot easier than you might expect, particularly as most
aquisition of an (internal) object pointer goes through a single 
function.  Scatter a few unfind()s to match the find()s and you're,
well, at least some of the way there (although not heading for
stunning efficiency.)


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