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> Yeah, I like having to plan. You don't have to plan much in Achaea
> currently, but I've designed a fairly thorough ship and ocean system where
> planning will be essential. You'll need to crew your ship, ensure enough
> fresh water and food for them on the journey, as well as citrus fruit or
> sauerkraut to ward off scurvy. (sauerkraut will, of course, lower crew
> morale, as that stuff is nasty.)

Unless, of course, you hire german sailors.
They seem to thrive on the stuff

More topic related... The original poster seemed to equate mud gameplay
with the typical old style combat (diku)mud. From that point of view it
is indeed not necessarily productive to have greater 'realism' in a mud
unless handled well. Games  however  increasingly seem to move into the
direction of shared realities  rather than automated D&D games.  Shared
worlds require a far greater degree of realism (both consistency and in
feature richness) than combat games,  so the greater attention for rea-
lism seems reasonable to me.

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