[MUD-Dev] Public Domain Client

Jeremy Music rezo at lords.com
Mon Nov 22 07:47:44 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Mik wrote:
MC> Ian Macintosh wrote:
>> Just wondering if there is a need for something like this?  I see a
>> few of my players used to use ZMud, but it's a crippleware product, so
>> they have to buy if they want to play.  There is also GMud, which is
>> shareware, but it has had no maintenance on it for a few years, and
>> the author doesn't have any interest in it any longer (based on some
>> email from him about 3 years ago).

MC> Well, Pueblo is more or less stagnent.  I'm currently using the JMC
MC> client which at least has some developent work ongoing.  I never got
MC> around to trying ZMud.  The worst that can happen if you put it out
MC> is that it ends up gathering dust on a couple of ftp servers somewhere.
MC> The best is that we get another vary good client.

MUSHclient  is  a  good  client,  though  still  shareware,  it  isn't
"crippleware"  and  has  most  of  the  functionality  and none of the
crashes of zMud.

MC> Any plans for a Linux version?  Do you have any web browser interface
MC> capability?

Plans  or  not,  if  he  releases  the  code into public domain, and if
Borland  (Inprise?)  lives  up  to  their  promise  to release a linux
version of delphi, a linux version is likely.  :)  So many people want
a  "good"  mud client for linux.  The text based ones (tt98, mcl) have
gotten  pretty  good  and  there are a couple tcl-based clients, but a
good  hardcode  client  for  X  is needed.  Tcl is dawg-slow (personal

Sterling @ Wyld Knight

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